The Busy Background Challenge

January 7, 2010

here’s one complete series of images for you. These are all unprocessed full frame images, only resized. On the last three images the tail is sharp instead of the head, but you can see that I left the bird with the sensor.

AI Servo speed set to slow. Single central Sensor. I think that’s quite impressive 🙂  600 IS handhold

Do not critic on the images, the target was to get the nastiest BG possible 😉


2 Responses to “The Busy Background Challenge”

  1. Quite nice results despite the awful bg.


  2. I actually like these. I guess I just like shooting gulls. We have some crazy ones where I live, and it’s fun to snap them in the tourist areas as they divebomb the outdoor tables for food. People are so silly and do leave stuff unattended. Then they turn around and their food is gone. LOL.

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