Do what you have to do…

April 5, 2010

in this case getting completely wet 🙂 To have the sun in my back I had to get into the water….The temp was about 62 degrees 🙂 For me as a German still pretty comfortable 😉

Here’s a making of and a result…

full frame


3 Responses to “Do what you have to do…”

  1. Dena Proctor said

    Nice Picture,
    that’s like so crazy and neat, weren’t you afraid you’d drop your camera into the water??? Your a brave soul, and talented photographer!

  2. JC said

    actually the lens hood was already in the water once…. The tripod collapsed and the lens almost hit the water, but in the last second I could put my hands on it….
    My camera was completely wet and sandy every day….
    Like I said do what you have to do to get the image 🙂

    And have insurance…. ;-))

  3. firelight3d said

    I’ve done some crazy things, but never that 😉 Nice pics – I’ll be looking through the rest of your blog. I’m only a casual birder, but it’s always nice to gee great images and get some tips.

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