Get low…

May 31, 2010

sometimes people asked me why I always try to shoot as low as possible. There’s and easy answer: You always want to be at the eye level of the bird. This will dramatically improve the impact of your image and will create intimacy…

Below you see the exact same bird at the exact same day at the exact same spot. The first image was shot with the tripod legs in their normal position. The second one was create while lying in the sand with flat tripod legs. The difference is quite dramatic I’d say…

The first one is a solid “great shot”, but the second one creates a quite different and rather unique view. Not too many people take the extra effort of getting as low as possible, but it is definitely worth it!


it was great day and so we decided to make it a little bit more fun and recorded a little video showing our efforts in order to get some nice Starling images. Some people say I am a perch fanatic, I think after seeing this footage I have to agree 😀

What you need is just a few mealworms, some awesome perches and an idea how to set it up, so that the birds will use the perches and not just land on the bowl 🙂

Everybody can shoot birds in their own backyard, just be creative!

Big thanks to Jakob, for doing the video……and guys, free music isn’t always nice… 😉

and some of the results 🙂

Tasty Crabs!?

May 3, 2010

well, the Willet first thought so, but then….I was glad to have 10 fps in that situation 🙂