Low, low, low…..

August 30, 2010

is what it takes to get great duck images 🙂

Here are some images from last weekend as well as a making of.

The duck you can see in the image is this one below .It is quite likely, that this images was made exactly at the time you can see in the image above.

And a hardhead at the end…..what a bad name :-\

More sun, more fun :)

August 22, 2010

just a few pics from today, plus one Making of 🙂

Sunshine in Melbourne…

August 21, 2010

I did not believe my eyes when I woke up and saw the sun…..usually it rains here 24/7 😉

I still didin’t get my car yet, so I decided to walk to the local park and see what I could get.

I found some Australian Magpies with two chicks 🙂

here’s the male singing

The youngster begging for food

And the same bird in its full beauty 😉

For the end a male Australian Wood Duck. Interestingly, these ducks are wandering around on the land much more than they are in the water.

I was thinking about writing a few more articles about certain techniques or processes or equipment. Is there anything you guys are particularly interested in? If so let me know 🙂

I thought it might be interesting to see how I got all my stuff to the other side of the world.

Here’s an image where you see what had to come with me

Now I am happy to tell you the weight limitations of Qatar Airways…1 carry on of 15 pound, 1 checked bag of  50 mpounds. No option to get a second bag. EVERY pound above 50 pounds is about $100 !!!! Sweet 🙂

When you look at the image above you will see that there is NO way to stay in the boundaries…So the first question was what can stay home. Above you see what had to come, though 😉 In the end it was close that had to stay at home…When I put the tripod and charger etc in my bag it already had over 40 pounds. So I filled it up with necessray clothes and ecided to buy the rest in Melbourne. Still cheaper than paying 100 dollar per pound!

That was easy. Now the fun part. Geting 50 pounds of cameras and lenses in a bag that should look like a 15 pound bag….

At least it fit in there quite nicely 🙂

The bag weighted 48 pounds.

When I arrived at the airport I left the bag with someone in the back and went to the counter t check in my other bag. It wrked quite well, but then the lady said: “please show me your carry on, we have to check that it doesn’t weigh to much”. OUCH. So I went back, getting the bag……you can imagine what went through my head on the way. I told her it might be a bit overweight. She was quite suprised to see it weighing 48 pounds. I explained her that the stuff is pro camera equipment and that I need it and surprisingly she was very helpful and understanding. She called the manager and he was the same. I was told that I cannot take the bag on board in one piece, but could go and buy a second bag and put half of the stuff in there. I would be then alowed to take on two bags. 🙂 So I went to the next store and bought the cheapest bakacpack ($100) and put my notebook and some external drives in. That made one bag 22 and the other 26 ounds. When I went back to the counter the manager said everything is alright now and I can board. Thumbs up for such understandable people!

They told me it would have been the best to inform the airline in advance and I would gotten a certian allowance for two or more bags in the economy. Seems to be their treatment of pro photographers, which is pretty nice 🙂

It’s always such a hassle to go through the security and check in, also this time, but with a rather good outcome 🙂 Glad at least some airlines know that certain stuff cannot be checked, however, their weight limitations are a bad joke!

Therefore I’d recommend Emirates, because they have the highest weight limits. (70 pounds checked bag)

At the end two impression from Melbourne

First OZ images

August 1, 2010

Hey guys,

Finally I find some time to continue blogging. The last week has been very stressful and I didn’t do ay bird photography at all. The flight to Australia was very long and I needed two days to recover from it 🙂 Boy that was soime rough air over India….

I still don’t have a car, so I depend on nice people who take me out in the field with them 🙂 Last Friday Paul took me out with him and showed me some cool places. I just loved to see so many new and exciting birds, especially all the parrots and cockatoos. It’s amazing to see them in the wild 🙂

We were really happy to find a flock of about 80 Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos. It was one of my best birding experiences ever. The noise they made while feeding pine cones was just amazing!

Unfortunately, the weather was really bad, so I just made a few images (1/100 ISo 1600 and 2x TC)….you see, terrible conditions. However, I got away with one sahrp image I liked 🙂


After that Paul drove me to a very nice beach and I had a chance to shoot a couple of frames of a Royal Spoonbill 🙂

Hope I will get more soon 🙂