OZ Songbirds and a few thoughts on flash

September 13, 2010

After getting an appropriate car for my OZ adventures I can finally start to head out and get some more advanced species 🙂

This weekend I was thrilled to get a Striated Fieldwren on some lovely vegetation (anyone knows what it is) and a lovely Red-capped Robin.

To see the reds properly, you should use a calibrated screen and FireFox with the colormanagement option enabled.

Lately, I have started to neglect the flash. This has several reason. First of all it is quite a hassle and extra weight you have to set up and carry around. Especially with a Quantum Turbo attached. Secondly, which is the most annyoing parts ….you just cannot have all images flashed. I shoot with a 10 fps camera and the Quantum Turbo+ flash combo might do 4-5 fps in highspeed mode. So in the end you end up with only 50% of the images actually flashed. So getting the right image flashed is a pure matter of luck. This is the greatest downside. Shooting below 1/300, which is the 580EX II’s snych time, is not really an option in bird photography.

Sometimes, it is just necessary to use flash, but like I said I started to do not do it lately. Like the Red-capped Robin. I could have used flash there, but the difference would have been marginal.

The last point is still the risk of chasing away your subject. Especially with a bird I do not have any images of, I try to avoid using flash, at least in the beginning of the session until I have some decent images.

That all seems a bit like a drawback from what I have set about using flash earlier, but I thought it might be interesting for you guys to share my latest experiences with you. One factor in this line up might me the Mark IV. It requires substantially higher shutter speed, than any other camera I have used. That combined with flash intensifies some of these issues.

If I do a bigger set up, in my garden for instance, I love to use flash, though.


2 Responses to “OZ Songbirds and a few thoughts on flash”

  1. Looks to be a tricky issue when to use it and when not… However those images you posted of the ducks flashed just tells the meaning of flash usage. I agree that there is no need to use it all the time as there are outstanding images taken without flashes.

    Btw, these robins are spectacular. I love all the images. Simply stunning birds.

  2. Karl Seddon said

    Hi Jan, Some lovely 1st images of our less pedestrian birds – redcap perch choices are a real standout read your thoughts on flash with interest.
    The fieldwren is perching on glasswort

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