Impressions and images :)

October 12, 2010

Not too much going on since I came back from my latest trip. I got myself a permit to a sewage plant near here, which is supposedly one of the best places to get birds around here so I am eager to head over there 🙂

My friend Paul took me over there the other day and it was great 🙂

I even tried to make some landscape image lately, but with mixed results 😉 You really have to develop a new eye for it. I can photograph birds with closed eyes….but a f…. flower…..bummer 😀

I am processing images, so you can expect some more new ones soon, although I just cannot keep up with the amount of new images I make. Some 100+ GB already here, with about 50Gb remaining…..Lots to go through and look at 🙂

Here are some of my latest processed ones.


Back from Sydney

October 3, 2010

Hey guys

I just came back from a 10-day trip from Melbourne to Sydney. The weather was fantastic and I was able to see and photograph many amazing new bird species 🙂

The coolest one for sure, was the Southern Emu-Wren, who lives in heath areas. It is a tiny little bird with a giant tail. It was quite a challenge to get a clean shot of this bird, but in the end it worked out 🙂

I am trying to process all images as fast as possible, but I might need some time. I will always post some new stuff on the Blog, though 🙂

Here are some more images from this trip.

King Parrot

Azure Kingfischer