Goodbye 2010

December 31, 2010

Down here in Australia it’s going to be 2011 pretty soon, so it’s time to say goodbye the a fabulous year 2010. Photography wise it was by far the best year I’ve ever head. Starting with a Mark IV dilemma, the year started a bit slow, but the Grey Herons in February made up for it. Β In March I headed to Florida and had an amazing time there. After that I was able to get some sought after species in Germany and in July my Australian adventure started πŸ™‚

Being able to photograph more than 150 new amazing species was just amazing.

I hope you guys had an awesome 2010 as well and I wish you an even better 2011 πŸ™‚


More Parrots

December 27, 2010

they are just my favorites πŸ™‚


Little Update :)

December 26, 2010

After all the Xmas stress a few new images πŸ™‚

I hope you all had a great time and lots of fun with your families!


Western Corella (rare subspecies, can be only seen in the Lake Muir area)

Pink-eared Duck

Australian Shelduck

Little Corellas

just a short upate with a few images I made uring the last 11 ays πŸ™‚ I had a great trip an met two very nice an friendly people. Thanks Karl & Charlotte!

More to come soon πŸ™‚

Elegant Parrot


Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo