Back from Florida

February 28, 2011

I have to apologize for the lack of new blog posts lately, but I have been just too busy to process images or write entries. I still have about 11 000 images to go through and about 1000 TIF files to process… That the exhausting side of the photography business. However, that also means that I had a blast 🙂

The workshop went awesome and everybody learnt a lot and took a stunning collection of images back home.

Unfortunately, my Mark IV decided to almost stop working. Looks like the shutter is already broken after 150k  images. The only mode that was still functioning at the end was M. All other modes produced almost black images. And resulted in endless Err 30s….I always use M anyways, so it didn’t hurt me too much, but the first images of each series I shot were always heavily underexpsoed, even in manual mode.

The second thing I have to write about is my overpriced good weather tripod aka G…. – how can it be that such an expensive tripod almost dies after just two weeks of useage near saltwater and sand? After a few days the sand will sit in all of the threads and make tightening almost impossible. The rubber coating on the screws will get lose as well and you will get really black hands everytime you touch the tripod…..don’t ask me where it comes from. I better don’t know…

Below you see a photographer performing the “G….-Move” – trying to tighten the legs for the 10000th times that days.

Is there any good alternative!?

Enough of that, now a few images I have already processed 🙂