While going through my images from my Forida workshop, I found a great example why you should almost always bring your flash. I know it’s quite a hassle, especially when you are using that beast of a Quantum Turbo 2×2 as well. It easily adds another 2kg to your already heavy set up.  However, on that day bringing the flash enabled me to get some great images of a Double-crested Cormorant. Without the flash I would have gone home at least an hour before and never gotten any images.

I used the flash at +/- 0, which is very strong. By setting it so strong I was able to eliminate almost all the shadows the harsh sunglight created. Also check out the great improvement of the eye. I think the second images is definitely useable, whereas the first one has its destination in the bin. Or in this case it got lucky and is used for education purposes 😉

Both images are straight out of the camera with no EBV done.


April 2, 2011

Hey guys,

sorry for not uploading any new images lately. I have been super busy and I also made the decision to change some parts of my website. In particular I want to get rid of the flash gallery and use a html one instead and I will increase the image size from 600 to 999 pixel on the long side. I think this will make browsing through the images a much better experience 🙂 Until I had time to make the changes I will only upload images to the blog.

As a side note I have announce that I will not run any Florida workshops in 2012.

All the images below were made on Tasmania