Fill Flash saved the Day (again…)

May 28, 2011


here’s one more example from yesterday, why I never leave the house without my flash anymore. The first image is the final and processed file. The two other images show the original and and image made a milli-second before the flashed image. The last two files are completely unprocessed out ouf camera. The light came from the left and made the Pelican’s face really dark. The flash, however, completely eliminated the side light and I was able to create this portrait image I was after for quite a while.

Isn’t the difference dramatic? With the flash I would not even have taken my camera out of the car.

The flash was set to – 1 2/3, which is not that strong, but the conditions qere quite dark, so it had a rather big imapct at that low power.

processed image

unflashed image, unprocessed

original image unprocessed


2 Responses to “Fill Flash saved the Day (again…)”

  1. Patrick said

    Hi Jan , great images and what a sharpness ! A few weeks back i bought a Better Beamer but how do you measure the light before shooting ? Camera in manual mode and dial down the flash ?

    Kind regards,

  2. JC said

    Yes, I usually use manual mode on the camera and select a minus setting on the flash. To get the right exposure and flash balance, I always fire a few test shots.

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