just 2 months after I bought it….

At least this time no cables were ripped out, so I might be able to repair it. Last time not only the silver mount was ripped out, but also the black plastic plate below it, as well as the internal cables attached to it. This time “only” the silver foot mount broke off. The issue here seems to be the unsufficient size of the screws holding the plate. The design does not let you get to the heads of the screws tho, so I have to try to fix it with some glue. 😦


New images

June 24, 2011

just a little update with some images I made the last two days. More will come soon, when I have a bit more time.

Red-necked Avocet






Flame Robin….no Flash, because the damn cable broke AGAIN!!! 😦

Number 4 this year !!!