The King

November 29, 2011

of the parrots. According to its name at least. 🙂

It’s a quite large bird and have some sunning colors to offer. I was happy to find a place where I could photograph these beauties. The images are full frame and I had no chance to step any further backwards, but it just fitted in the frame nicely anyhow.


1D Mark IV

600 IS

580EX II + Better Beamer @ – 1 2/3

F 5.6

ISo 1600




Hard to photograph species…

November 16, 2011

it’s always a thrill when you get the chance to photograph birds, which are almost impossible to photograph. Such a chance presented itself to me yesterday, when I discovered (thanks to a great tip by a friend) a Little Lorikeet nest almost at eye level. Usually these small birds are only seen high in the tree tops.

Heute gibts mal wieder eine nicht alltägliche Papageien bzw. Loriart zu sehen. Mit nur 15cm Länge gehört der Zwergmoschuslori zu den kleinsten Loris und hält sich zumeist nur in Baumwipfeln auf. Mit etwas Glück konnte ich jedoch ein Nest auf Augenhöhe finden 🙂

Since the nesting hole is surrounded by many leafes I was happy to have an overcast days. Otherwise I wuld have had heaps of annyoing shadows all over the bird. Since they are so small and to obtain a decent background I had to use the 2x TC. At shutter speeds of only 1/250 I had quite a few blurred imaged, but managed to get a few keepers in the end. 🙂

1D Mark IV

600 IS

2x TC

580ex II + BB @ – 2/3

ISo 800

F 13

More bush birds

November 8, 2011

A few more birds from the Victorian Mallee


White-browed Babbler

White-browed Woodswallow Pair

Back from the bush

November 2, 2011

Last week I spent with a friend near Hattah, a couple of hundred kilometers north of Melbourne. The area offers typical Victorian Mallee. It was a great trip except for the two blown up tyres on the second last day, which ruined our plans…..It took us abaout one and a half days to get the car out of there again…

Luckily we could get see and photograph some great birds before it happened.

Yellow-plumed Honeyeater

Yellow Rosella

Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater

Mulga Parrot

The tyres….