It has been very windy in Melbourne lately, which made it very hard to photograph. I’ve tried a few times, but didn’t get anything noteworthy. On Saturday I visited a mountain east of Melbourne, which was partially covered in snow. First time I have seen snow in Australia. Pretty surreal actually. When we walked back to our car, we stumbled upon a few Pied Currawongs and a few Grey Shrike Thrushes.  Once I took out my camera, it got really windy and cold again, but managed a few quick images.


Every Week a New Species

August 7, 2012

Just the way I like it…

This time an Eastern Spinebill  (Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris)

Back in Australia

August 2, 2012

After being in Germany for almost 4 weeks, we arrived back in Melbourne. It’s quite cold and rainy here, but yesterday the sun came out and I had the chance to photograph a new species. The Yellow Thornbill. They are currently hanging out in yellow flowering trees in certains areas in Melbourne. They are not very common down here.

I was stoked to get one perched on their favorite tree.

1D Mark IV
600 L IS
1.4x TC
ISO 800