Welcome Swallow + Making Of

February 8, 2013

After not seeing many shorebirds at one of my favourite spots last night, I had to look for a different subject and found many swallows perched on the fences along the road. I always wanted to have nice swallow images and decided to give it a go. At first I tried to photograph the swallows approaching the fence, but it was really hard, because they were really fast and I with the 600 were the opposite. Then I noticed that about 50 swallows had perched on my car, which was parked behind me. The antenna on top seemed to be their favourite place, so I instantly thought, “Why not attach perches to the car and see if the swallows use them!?”

After looking around I found a nice thistle, took two cable ties and attached it to a tomato stick. Then I stuck the stick in the door and set up my camera. Within seconds something unexpected happened. Instead of landing the swallows started picking white hairs out of the thistle. They only touched down on the perch for a second or flew aerial attacks 😉

Happy that my idea worked better than I expected I had a blast shooting the swallows.

Here’s one of the images


And the Making Of….



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