Making Of #7 – Welcome Swallow

December 7, 2013

Earlier this year I parked my car near a little creek and walked away with my camera. When I came back, I noticed that hundreds of Welcome Swallows (Hirundo neoxena) had started to use my car as a perch. They also kept hovering directly above the car. I immediately tried to get some flight shots, but only with mixed results. I realized that I needed some sort of target for the Welcome Swallow to perch and. I quickly looked around and found a few thistles behind me. I quickly grabbed two of them and attached them to my car. I only took a few minutes for the Welcome Swallows to come back. To my surprise, the swallows started to pick apart the thistles, which enabled me to get some great images.


1D Mark IV

600 L IS

ISO 800

F 5.6








2 Responses to “Making Of #7 – Welcome Swallow”

  1. Mario Suárez said

    Great!! What a lucky strike.Hi from Spain,
    Mario Suárez

  2. Also a good delection from last year 😉

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