Making Of #14 – Parrots near the Ocean

December 14, 2013


When you don’t live in Australia, this might sound pretty strange, but down here are actually quite a few species that like to be close to the coast. One of the most beautiful ones is the tiny Blue-winged Parrot (Neophema chrysostoma). In July I had to chance to photograph the Blue-winged Parrots in different spots along the coastline south of Melbourne. The Blue-winged Parrots were always sitting on a plant called “Fat Hen” (Chenopodium album) and  fed on the tiny seeds of the dry plants.

If you look carefully, you can see a Blue-winged Parrot just below the red arrow.




1D Mark IV
600 L IS
ISO 800



After getting a few tighter portraits, I tried to go for group shots. It sounds easier than it is, because for a good result the Blue-winged Parrots have to sit on the same plant and in the same focal plane.

First I captured two birds feeding on top of a dry Fat Hen.

1D Mark IV

600 L IS

1.4x TC II

ISO 800




At the very end, I saw a few birds that had all landed on the same plant and after approaching very carefully I managed to take a few images of a group feeding. What a great feeling to get a shot you had envisioned for a while. To get enough depth of field, I stopped down to F13.

1D Mark IV
600L IS
F 13 (for enough DOF)
ISO 1600



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