Making Of #18 – Sunbathing

December 18, 2013

Some birds have quite unique and specific behaviours they regularly display. With cormorants it’s probably their way of drying their feather after they went fishing. Most of the time they fully spread out their wings and wait till their feathers are dry. This obviously is a great photo opportunity, but it’s not easy to photograph, because cormorants often tend to be quite skittish.

The making of shows me, after I carefully approached a group of Little Pied Cormorants (Microcarbo melanoleucos), hoping one of them would display nicely for me. After a while a bird swam in from the ocean and did exactly what I wanted it to do 🙂


You can see that my camera is quite high, so that I get the nice blue water as my background and not the sky.

1D Mark IV

600 L IS

1.4x TC

ISO 800





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