jcw_3411-011I was always interested in birds. Even as a little child my parents had to watch birds with me….. 😉 My interest for photography came a bit later, but rapidly. Like most guys I also started with a small Point and Shoot camera and shot mostly in Zoos. However, I really wanted to get more and especially rare  domestic birds here in Germany. So I got myself my first digital SLR Camera. A Canon 20D together with a 100-400mm lens. Well, that still wasn’t really it and in Summer 04 I made the big step and bought a 500mm lens and a professional camera body (1D Mark IIn). I am still using that camera and I am really happy with it. My main interest are small songbirds and so it was only a matter of time till the wish for the one and only wildlfe lens grew inside me. The EF 600 L IS 🙂 Needless to say that I couldn’t resist this wish…..

This is also that little baby you see on the pcitures. 

Well, that was a bit techy and more for guys who are into photography. Now this is the version for normal people. 😉  

I am really crazy about birds, run around with a really big and heavy lens and do crazy stuff like…..crawling through the mud…standing with chest waders in the Pacific at 3°C….climbing up steep mountains…..and more 😉 The ones of you who thought it’s just sitting around a waiting for birds are really mistaken….bird photography is fun, action and excitement, however, knowledge, patience and a good eye are very helpful 😀

Cheers !   

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6 Responses to “About”

  1. I am so glad I found your blog! All I can say is that you are an inspiration for me or any other nature lover.


    • Ganesh Bhonde said

      Dear JC,

      I am learning photography and am from India.
      I feal very interesting and while going through your blog.
      I am very surprise to see photos you clicked.
      one more thing that thanks to you for sharing such nice birds photos with us and as well thanks to the God who made these bird.
      my email:- ganesh_bhonde@rediffmail.com


  2. Dena Proctor said

    Just found your website/blog!!

    Can’t wait to read on and learn.

    I too love birds, here in VA USA, I take alot of pictures of Blue Herons.

    Please subscribe me to you Blog/Newsletter.



  3. Doug Rodda said

    Really beautiful work. If you find yourself in the New York metro area give me a call!

  4. Angad Achappa said

    Nice blog.. your images are fantastic.. Just 1 question, which tripod is that you’re using in the pic?

    Angad Achappa

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