Back from a 2-day trip

October 31, 2009

On Thursday night I suddenly decided to drive up to the coast to get some late migrants…

When I arrived there I met with a friend and we walked along the shore. Unfortunately there were only a few gulls and a couple of Sanderlings. The sun hided behind clouds as well and so we decided to sneak into the nearby forest and look for some cool birds there. I have to say it paid off. 🙂 We found a very cooperative Coalt Tit and he gave us a nice show.

All images were made with the 600 IS + Mark IIn and fill flash.

Hope you like them






Can’t wait to have a camera body that has higher ISO capabilities….With the mark IIn I do not like to go above 400.

Some more pictures from…

October 22, 2009

my last trip. Still didn’t find time to process more. Universitiy keeps me quite busy. 😦

I am on the pre order list for a 1D mark IV and cannot wait to get my hands on that new body. To me the specs are the ones I always dreamed about. 10 fps, 16 Mpix, 45 Af Points 🙂







All images taken with a 1Ds mark III

Election day

September 27, 2009

Hey you all,

hope all the germans among you went voting today!

At the moment I am very busy editing images for a foto agency. This is quite work intense, because you have to keyword all files, rename them and edit all the tif files. I am able to do about 65 images a day, with some thousand to go it will take a lotta time 🙂 Hope it eventually will pay off 🙂

Today I thought you might be interested why I switched to a full frame 1Ds mark III instead of sticking to the faste frame rate bodies. Well, the first main reason was the file size and the ability to crop my files quite heavily. I also liked the idea to shoot wider images and then decide on the PC, whether to crop them or have files with some room around the birds. Another reason was a commercial one, many customers or agencies want files with more than 5000 pixel on the long side. With my Mark IIn I had to interpolate all files quite a bit. This is not ideal. When I now compare those interpolations to the files of the 1Ds III the difference is very obvious and I would never want to go back. The sharpness and details of the Ds blow you away.

Did I miss the 8 fps?

Actually I thought I would miss them much more, but on my latest test I didn’t miss them at all. I would still like to have a fast frame rate body for flight and action shots, but in general I’d say that 5 fps can do the work as well. However, one real pain for me is the new AF system. I do NOT mean the accuracy of it. It is very accurate and works really nice. However, the 19 Af points limit my shooting style quite a bit. I was used to 45 selectable AF points and now I have only 19 ! Especially the two upper rows above the middle row are very limited. In the highest row you only have 3 and in the row below 5 AF fields. With so little fields tracking a running or feeding bird becomes a real challenge.

What is really nice about the Ds III is the balanced exposure. It’s almost impossible to blow the highlights and in most situations you can expose nicely to the right without running the risk of blowing the whites. I almost always shot with + 1/3 with the Ds III in situations where I would have had to select -1/3 with my Mark IIn. This is quite a big difference. The only downside of this develeopment is the decrease in shutter speed you receive. In the same situation at the same ISO and F Stop you can different shutter speed. In one test the mark IIn gave me 1/800 and the Ds III only 1/400 on the same subject with same settings and light. I wonder if the “nice low noise” just comes from calling the old ISO 400, ISO 800 in the Ds III……….

Does anyone else experienced that?

At the end a few more images from my latest Trip. I tried to capture some different views and wider bird in habitat shots. Hope I will have them up on my website by next weekend.

If anyone is interested in a link exchange, please contact me. I want to build a link section here with links to quality bird photography website and blogs.

All files are full frames and were shot with the 1Ds mark III and the canon EF 4/600 L IS





me shooting Turnstones and Bar-tailed Godiwts……it wasn’t wet at all……. 😉JCW_20090920_1680-Bearbeitet

Back from the North Sea

September 22, 2009

You might have wondered why I didn’t update my Picture of the Month. Well, there’s a simple reason. I found it too boring and static. That’s why I decided to create this Blog. With it I also hope for some interaction with you guys and some direct exchange of experiences 🙂

Last week I spent a couple of days on an small Island in the North Sea. The weather was awesome and a freind of mine and I had great fun. Although migration of shorebirds was not at its peak, we got some nice images.

I also used these days to test my new camera. The megapixel monster 1Ds mark III. I am very pleased with the result I got so far. Only the 19 field AF system gives me a hard time. You somehow feel quite limited when you are used to 45 points…

Please let me know whether you would like a German version of this Blog, too. In any case I hope to receive many comments from you.

On this Blog I will post whenever I feel like saying something, so check back often 🙂

Enough talking. here are some images from the trip 🙂 I will process more shots the coming days 🙂

JCW_20090920_1993-BearbeitetBar-tailed Godwit totally covered in Sea Gras eating on a Sandworm(?) Does anyone know the species?